Seminar on "Corporate Governance - The Road Ahead"
Event Day Date
Seminar on "Corporate Governance - The Road Ahead" Tuesday 28th April, 2015

Dr. Celina Joy and Dr. Betty Sibil attended a seminar on "Corporate Governance - The Road Ahead" conducted by Dun and Bradstreet on 28th April, 2015.

The various topics covered during the seminar were :
  1. Corporate Governance in Banks by Ms. Sudha Damodar, CGM, Dept. of Banking Regulation, RBI
  2. The importance of Corporate Governance by Mr. Raajeev Batra, Head of Sustainability, KPMG India
  3. Legal Perspective by Mr. Lalit Kumar, Partner, J. Sagar Associates
  4. Shareholder's Perspective by Mr. Amit Tandon, IIAS India Ltd.
  5. Governance in Corporates - An exchange's perspective by Mr. Ashish Kumar Chouhan, MD and CEO, BSE Ltd.
  6. An IICA Perspective by Dr. Niraj Gupta, Associate Professor, School of Corporate Governance and Public Policy

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