Industrial Visit for PGDM-IB to China

Event Date
Industrial Visit for PGDM-IB to China 29th October to 6th November, 2010

Report of PGDM Students visit to China 29th October – 6th November, 2010

Conclusions - Learning Outcome

After discussing in our group, a number of learning outcomes can be directly attributed to China study tour as they relate to Business Practices of International Enterprises as follow:

First, we all learned to interact and communicate in a cross-cultural international setting with universities' professors and PGDM students, and business constituents. Our meetings included discussions with:

  • Professors and students in Hebei University, Shijiazhuang
  • Staffs of Blue Enamel Factory, Shijiazhuang Textile Factory, North China Pharmaceutical Company and Shanghai Volkswagen.

From these meetings, we developed valuable contacts, learned to ask the right questions and be active listeners, and gleaned much information about doing business in China.

Second, we - PGDM students - developed intimate knowledge, both tacit and explicit, of a foreign market, namely China. Before going to China, we spent time to search and write up a summary of the Chinese economy and culture to get ready for a successful China study tour. It then became intimate knowledge of Chinese market when we experienced in learning, visiting and shopping in China. For example, the trip allowed all PGDM students to visit various cultural attractions such as some monuments, city tours, outings, shopping streets, etc. In several instances, interactions with locals have provided insight to the Chinese culture from the standpoint of foreign nationals. Such eye opening experiences are invaluable in developing an understanding of China.

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