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Post-Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development and Family Business Management

Program Overview | Brochure


Structure and Duration
Modular Program, divided into
Two Independent, Yet Progressive, Semesters
Modules / Courses 17
Total 720 comprehensive hours of teaching, training, counseling and field work
Seminars, Workshops, Guest Lectures, Industrial Visits, etc. Organized at regular intervals to augment the classroom teaching and provide practical perspectives
Semester – I
Courses 4
Skills Training Workshops 2
Computer Lab-based Course 1
Total 360 contact hours
Semester – II
Common Modules 2
Specialization Modules 4
Total 324 contact hours
Days Monday to Wednesday each week, with Thursdays and Fridays utilized for on-field activities of the Project Work

Optional "Study Abroad" Module
We are actively looking for oppurtunity in Dubai, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Germany, France or Japan. Aimed primarily at the students opting for Family Business Management specialization. This 'Practical Orientation Visit' shall be co-developed with organizations such as "Family Business Network International" or such professional bodies, or through academic alliances with supporting institutions / universities abroad.
This optional module shall be offered between the two semesters.

In Semester-II, students can choose any one of the following specializations:
  1. Entrepreneurship Development (ED):
    Targeted to students who either do not have family business background or students from family businesses who wish to stake out on their own.
  2. Family Business Management (FBM):
    Targeted to students with family business background, who wish to join their business.

Benefit of Modularity
  1. Option to exit after successful completion of each semester.
  2. At the end of Sem I, students who wish to opt out can be awarded:
    'Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Business Management'
  3. Students completing both the semesters shall be awarded:
    the Post-Graduate Diploma mentioning the specialization chosen, viz,
    'Entrepreneurship Development' OR 'Family Business Management'.

Bachelor's degree (of not less than 3 years duration), or equivalent, in any discipline from a recognized university.

Contact for Admission Enquiries, Fees etc.:
Name Designation Mobile No. E-mail ID
Dr. C. K. Sreedharan Program Co-ordinator 9820009366
Dr. Satish Nair Director, PIMSR 9920579742