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Calendar 2015-16

No. Programs Prog. Director Date Download
1 Monetising Business through Digital Marketing Efforts Prof. Ajay Raghav Iyengar 28th Nov. 2015 Brochure (.pdf)

Digital Marketing is revolutionizing businesses. Those organizations who do it right are reaping benefits of it. Those who do not, just simply waste their efforts. This program is developed for organizations and people who wish to leverage benefit of Digital Marketing for improving customer engagements and generating revenue. This program will be useful for Executives from any industry interested in the field of digital marketing, web-analytics and customer acquisition through innovative digital media.

2 Facing the Tiger - Conflict Resolution in Organizations Dr. G. Vijayaragavan 18th Dec. 2015 Brochure (.pdf)

The program is designed to understand the conflicts that arise in day to day functioning and promote positive signals and amicable resolution to all concerned. The program is useful for front line managers at field level and HR manager at the administrative levels in any industry.

3 Enhancing Sales Force Effectiveness and Performance Dr. Mukesh Goyal 16th Jan. 2016 Brochure (.pdf)

To have robust and sustainable business, the organizations have to have competitive advantage and sound marketing strategies. The organizations who are not leaders or followers will eventually not be successful. This program is designed to give marketing strategies for leaders or followers in today’s competitive market. The program is useful for Marketing Managers/Sales Managers and Middle Managers from other functional areas responsible for growth of business.

4 Measuring with Metrics for Maximizing Profitability Prof. Moumita Roy 12th Feb. 2016 Brochure (.pdf)

Bottom-line is the buzzword of any industry. Unless appropriate measures are undertaken to monitor the performance at strategic functional levels of the organization, bottom-line can’t be ensures the program intends to serve the same. The program is useful for Marketing and Finance Managers engaged in assessment of performance.

5 Learning to Lead – Leadership Excellence Dr. Celina Joy 11th Mar. 2016  

Leadership is central to the success of any organization. Unless proper leading of the organization is ensured, the result shall not be desirable one. Leadership is an art. This program intends to answer every single question connected to leadership for excellence in management of the organizations. Any manager, who aspires to develop himself/herself as an effective leader in all spheres of work and life.

6 Implementing Six Sigma for an Improved Performance Prof. C. K. Sreedharan 15th Apr. 2016  

To have robust and sustainable business, the organizations have to have competitive advantage and sound marketing strategies. Six Sigma is a powerful tool in improving performance. Implementation of Six Sigma requires robust understanding of concept, tools and processes. This program is designed to sensitize participants on Six Sigma and equip them with implementation knowledge. Executives from Manufacturing and Service organizations will benefit from this program.

7 Moving from Criticism to Feedback Dr. Betty Sibil 13th May 2016

Professional feedback sometimes is mistaken as personal feedback by the employees. Such an understanding of the feedback system shall not auger well for the growth of any individual. This program intends to give a proper insight into the feedback mechanism followed by any institution for growth perspectives. Performance appraisal is a critical process towards performance management and development of individuals. This programme is intended for HR managers and line managers who are responsible for designing, developing, and implementing PMS.

8 Logistics & Supply Chain Management Prof. Balashankar Ramdas 17th June 2016  

The program is useful for Executives directly responsible for key functions in logistics & supply chain such as facility location, production, logistics, distribution and supply management, sourcing, inventory, sales and operations planning.

9 Finance for Non-finance Executives Prof. KGS Mani 15th July 2016  

Executive in any organization are expected to have overall knowledge of the subject which impacts business. Finance is the life blood of any business and executives can’t be in isolation of the knowledge of finance. The program intends to answer the same. This program is useful for Marketing, HR and Operations managers in service or manufacturing organizations.

10 Developing and Managing Brands   12th Aug. 2016

Brands are expression of organizations' strategies. Recognizing brands as vital strategic assets, progressive companies are increasingly focusing on developing strong brands to resonate well with customers in a variety of cultures and contexts. It is important for executives and managers to understand the dynamics of building robust brands. The program gives insights into building strong brands. The program is useful for Brand Executives/Product Managers/Category or Group Product Manager or any executive having career aspirations in Brand Management.

11 Planning for Retired Life   9th Sept. 2016  

For maintaining same lifestyle and standards and leading a peaceful life after retirement a meticulous planning is required. This program focuses on creation of wealth, maintain good health and have peace of mind. The program is very useful for Executives/Employees who are to retire within a year’s time.

12 Customer Driven Marketing Prof. Moumita Roy 14th Oct. 2016  

Today, brands do not have much control, consumers are no longer a passive ‘audience’, and marketers must communicate with customers and consumers, not at them. This demands a key shift in the mindset - from ‘control’ to ‘engagement’ apart from the new tools and techniques. This program is designed to take you to this world where consumers and communities drive brands and where traditional marketing approaches no longer work. This program will be useful for marketing executives and brand managers across industries in consumer sector.


The course fee for each program is Rs. 2,000/- (two thousand only) per participant. 10% group discount shall be given to organizations nominating 3 or more persons.

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