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PiMSR Faculty attended a Workshop
Description Date
Workshop on "Design Thinking for Business Innovation" 27th November, 2017

PiMSR Faculty attended the HR SUMMIT
Description Date
HR SUMMIT - Financial Services 2017 16th November, 2017

PiMSR Faculty invited as Jury
Description Date
Dr. Celina Joy, Professor, PiMSR was invited to be on jury of National Entrepreneurship Challenge conducted by IIT Bombay as part of E-Summit 28th and 29th January, 2017

PiMSR Faculty invited as Judge
Description Date
Professor Celina Joy was invited to be one of judges (among a panel of three) for finals of MUNIJAN Competition (Mumbai University New Initiative for Joint Action Now) 2nd October, 2015

International / National Seminars
Description Date
5th Global Conference of Management, Commerce and Economics 19th November, 2016
MES Research Forum - Faculty Seminar Series 23rd September, 2016
Seminar on "Digital India" 2nd September, 2016
Seminar on Workplace Ethics 6th August, 2016
Seminar on "Stock Market for Beginners" 27th February, 2016
Seminar on "Rural and Digital Business in India" 13th February, 2016
Seminar on "Make in India" 25th January, 2016
4th Global Conference on Inclusive Growth - A Gateway to Prosperity 5th December, 2015
MES Research Forum - Faculty Seminar Series 11th September, 2015
Seminar on "Corporate Governance - The Road Ahead" 28th April, 2015
Seminar on Investor Protection Fund by Bombay Stock Exchange 11th February, 2015
3rd International Conference on "Redefining Management Practices in the Digital Age" 6th December, 2014
MES Research Forum - Faculty Seminar Series 12th September, 2014
National Seminar on "India Banking at the Crossroads - Challenge of Risk Management from Globalization to Financial Inclusion" 8th May, 2014
Conference on "Innovative Technology for Sustainable Learning : An Introspection" 26th April, 2014
Seminar on "Financial Planning and Wealth Management" for the students of MMS and PGDM 16th January, 2014
Soft Skill Seminar on "Campus to Corporate" for the first year MMS students 9th January, 2014
International Conference on "Sustainable Management Practices" 30th November, 2013
MES Faculty Seminar Series 27th September, 2013
Seminar on "Entrepreneurship" 7th September, 2013
Workshop on "A Practical Approach to Research" 24th - 25th June, 2013
Seminar on Digital Marketing 9th April, 2013
International Conference on "Management Wisdom for the 21st Century" 4th December, 2012
Seminar on "Encouraging the Spirit of Entreprenuership" 3rd November, 2012
Faculty Seminar Series 28th September, 2012
International Seminar on "Global Management Practices - Challenges Opportunities" 3rd March, 2012

Guest Lectures
Description Date
Cross Cultural Conversations 8th August, 2016
Personal Development Workshop 6th August, 2016
MDP - Measuring with Metrics for Maximizing Profitability 12th February, 2016
Awareness Programme on "Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial development of SMEs through Incubators" 12th February, 2016
MDP - Enhancing Sales Force Effectiveness and Performance 16th January, 2016
MDP - Facing the Tiger - Conflict Resolution in Organizations 18th December, 2015
MDP - Monetising Business through Digital Marketing Efforts 28th November, 2015
Impact of Macroeconomic Indicators on Fixed Income Market 10th October, 2015
Modern Day Marketing with special reference to Digital Marketing 11th September, 2015
Presentation on "Yuan Devaluation: Genesis and Impact" 7th September, 2015
Performance Management Systems & Training and Development 1st September, 2015
MDP - Risk Management Architecture in Banks as per RBI Guidelines 20th November, 2014
Growth with Governance 14th November, 2014
Secured Governance - An innovative System for 100 smart Cities Mission 5th November, 2014
Life Management 5th July, 2014
Guest Lecture for 2nd year MMS (Finance) students 19th October, 2013
Digital Marketing and Social Networking for MMS - IT students 12th October, 2013
Guest Lecture for the MMS - HR students 21st September, 2013
Guest Lecture for the MMS Marketing students 17th August, 2013
MDP - Know Your Customers (KYC), Safeguard Against Money Laundering (AML) 3rd August, 2013
MDP - Improving performance by implementing "Six Sigma" 8th - 9th May, 2013
Expectations from an MBA in the Corporate World for the first year students of MMS 15th September, 2012