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Dr. R Chandran,
Executive Director, PiMSR

Greetings from Pillai Institute of Management Studies and Research!

Knowledge is a universal property, accessible to everyone. Skill sets are to be honed and practised consistently. Attitude and wisdom are mandatory determinants to acquire success in any professional or entrepreneurial mission.

Dr. R Chandran
Executive Director, PiMSR

For half a century now, a proportionate blend of these qualities has enabled human assets to shoulder corporate responsibilities across the globe. Their cross-border mobility and industrious efforts have witnessed thousands of billion-dollar enterprises. These assets are alert, technology-driven and ever ready to forge ahead as warriors for their organizations.


Where are they groomed? How are they chiselled?

It is an outcome of a process of zealous moulding and a steady endeavour to transform an ordinary graduate into a tangible performer. They tend to add appreciable value to any avenue they may decide to pursue.


Fifty long years ago, the founding father Dr K M Vasudevan Pillai began a humble, yet passionate venture in education. As an offshoot of Mahatma Education Society, Pillai Institute of Management Studies and Research has heightened its perceived value and progressed over twenty-two years. All the stakeholders are proud brand ambassadors who share their progressive views on an open platform and are happy to be an integral part of the PIMSR family. It is a wholesome ecosystem that assimilates learning and grooming to effectively transform individuals into coveted and keen professionals.


The campus life at PIMSR is vibrant and blissful, with regular cultural and sports events. Mentors take on the journey alongside students, imparting life skills at every stage of their development. The inclusive and harmonious environment at PIMSR is sure to fine-tune one’s personality and result in overall development.


Welcome aboard and wish you all great success in this professional learning atmosphere.

Key personality traits: An effective motivator, a good team leader, a student-centric teacher, a constant knowledge acquirer and harmonious performer.